Accelerating Growth through Data DrivenTransformation

a recap of the data journey undertaken by a global financial services enterprise.



Fenergo ( helps banks and financial institutions reimagine, automate, and transform their technology platforms to create exceptional client experiences, boost operational efficiencies and return on investment, comply with new regulations, and fight financial crime.

There are a lot of great consultancies out there but what makes Spark different is the commitment their people have around creating a business impact for their customers. They really listen and pay attention to what our goals are, and what I really like is that they don’t overpromise, and they deliver on our objectives, 100%. But for me, the real stand-out while working with Spark is the incredible knowledge and the subject matter expertise.

David Neale, VP, Finance & Data Transformation.

The Challenge

Fenergo, a rapidly expanding enterprise, operates across multiple departments. What is challenging is that each department manages its data and reporting individually, resulting in isolated data sets that hinder collaboration and transparency across the business. These data silos create operational inefficiencies, information gaps, redundant data, and, ultimately, suboptimal decision-making that impedes their growth. As a result, the VP of Finance & Data Transformation sought a solution to eliminate these data silos and establish a unified source of truth for him and accessible to all departments.


Fenergo engaged Spark to define, implement and execute a data strategy to break down the data silos and enable all departments - Finance, Customer Success, Product and Data - to 'speak' with one another by building an asynchronous, single source of truth strategy with data at the core.

Spark worked closely with each department to understand their data requirements and current workflows. The team then created a data strategy that involved consolidating data from various sources into a single data lake, using a combination of cloud-based technologies and Spark's data architecture innovation. Spark also provided training to Fenergo to ensure they could make the most of the new systems and process - a “new way of work”. This included training on data analytics and visualisation tools to enable them to make data-driven decisions.

  • Forge and execute a robust data strategy with conviction that obliterates Fenergo’s departmental silos, leaving them as a thing of the past.
  • Establish an asynchronous, data-centric architecture that creates a unified source of truth, enabling departments to leverage insights from one another.
  • Empower leadership with data-driven insights to achieve success and deliver shareholder value, resulting in a growth-driven organisation powered by data.


● Spark's data strategy implementation significantly impacted Fenergo's operations and fostered a data-driven culture.

● Our new strategy, architecture and solution provided a comprehensive data view, leading to better decision-making and resource allocation.

● Transparency reduced communication times between departments, leading to better coordination and streamlined processes

● Areas of inefficiency identified, reduced costs & boosted productivity

● Fenergo is now a data-driven organisation with confident decision-makers who drive faster, streamlined processes.

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