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We solve complex business challenges through Data, ML/AI, & Human Expertise.

Spark is...

Spark is an award-winning Data & AI acceleration partner that blends strategy, design and engineering to help our customers develop new capabilities, thrive, and succeed as future-proofed digital businesses.

Practical strategies for organisational change that increase agility, resilience and the ability to compete.
Product thinking and platform expertise with execution that delivers exceptional user experiences.
Modernised operations, platforms and dev. practices that improve experiences and deliver measurable business impact.
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What our customers say...

When Fresco decided to rebuild their technology stack in late 2021, we quickly identified that we would need a technology partner who could provide deep expertise, architectural know-how and, most importantly, cultural alignment. After a lengthy selection process, Fresco decided to partner with Spark in order to design and build our KitchenOS Platform.  From Day 1, Spark provided technical, delivery and systems design expertise as well as professionalism and drive. They were pragmatic, adaptable and authentic, positively impacting delivery across the value chain in Fresco, enabling us to move quickly and innovate deeply. KitchenOS is poised to transform our business. Its serverless, domain-driven architecture affords us unparalleled agility and velocity. It has driven organisational redesign and deep cultural change within Fresco, supporting ownership and autonomy for our Product Teams on a flexible, stable and adaptable platform. This allows us to deliver value to our customers more quickly and more frequently. Spark was instrumental in helping us make this transformative change, and I look forward to continued collaborations with them in the future.  
Graham O'Sullivan. Chief Technology Officer
I’m delighted to share my experiences around the successful engagement between Spark and Workhuman. Spark’s data and architecture consulting practice, combined with their delivery and engineering capabilities, were integral to Workhuman during a critical phase of our enterprise-level data strategy. With Spark’s expertise and support, we made significant strides in achieving our goals. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of our unique requirements and provided a tailored approach and solution that aligned perfectly with our business. Thanks to Spark’s contributions, Workhuman can now streamline our data management processes and optimise our data infrastructure for maximum efficiency. Spark’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout the engagement, and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our success was truly remarkable. Overall, we highly recommend Spark to any business seeking best-in-class data consulting and engineering services. Their team’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering outstanding results make them an invaluable partner for any business with a focus on becoming data-driven.
Mark Greville. VP Architecture

Who We Are.

Spark provides unparalleled value to SME & enterprise businesses by harnessing the power of their most valuable asset: data. Our mission is to elevate the performance of our customers by delivering end-to-end Data and AI solutions, encompassing strategy, design, development, and implementation. Our unwavering focus on optimising their operations, increasing revenue, and reducing costs enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition and achieve extraordinary results.

Some Recent Work

Engineering Automotive Telematics Platform
Building Data Pipelines & Data Lakes
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