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Hellios, a company dedicated to supplier information and risk management, was established by individuals with over 30 years of experience each in this specialised field. Its core focus is developing communities within buying organisations, offering comprehensive third and fourth-party risk management processes. Hellios excels in collecting, validating, and monitoring supplier information, providing cost-effective solutions of the highest quality for both buyers and suppliers.

The company's key strength lies in crafting total supplier information management solutions, tackling challenges associated with supplier risk, compliance, performance, and development.
Hellios is currently engaged in expanding its community networks in the UK and internationally.

The Challenge.

Hellios business needs and challenges are revolving primarily around managing supplier risk, compliance, performance, and development. One of the key challenges is the fact of the rising demand for managing supplier risk, and compliance in the industries mentioned above.


Also, Hellios is focused on adapting to evolving regulatory frameworks, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This EU directive requires large companies, including banks and insurance firms, to disclose information on their operations and how they manage social and environmental challenges.


Spark were engaged to play a pivotal role in offering a skilled team in both frontend and backend development which ensures timely completion of projects, meeting deadlines, maintaining a competitive edge, and identifying improvement opportunities.



Accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers and supply chains has become a fundamental requirement to meet the rising challenges of managing supplier risk, compliance, performance and development. Hellios has unique expertise in providing total supplier information management solutions that provide the highest degree of quality in the most cost effective manner for buyers and suppliers including SMEs. Hellios operates in the defence industry (JOSCAR) and the Financial Services sector (FSQS) in the UK, Netherlands and Spain.


Hellios has a Software Development Centre in Dublin, centralising development efforts for the Hellios organisation globally. This team is responsible for innovating the current product offering, and meeting new customer needs.


Spark has supported Hellios across a range of software development projects since 2022.

Spark Impact.

Through our strategic approach, and working collaboratively with the Hellios development team, the projects were executed seamlessly resulting in software products that not only met but surpassed expectations.

The projects were both delivered ahead of time and on budget, and the success of these deliveries helped to demonstrate the ongoing value that the Dublin Software Development Centre brings to the Hellios organisation. This helps to ensure ongoing investment in the Development Centre itself, as it continues to support the Hellios organisation’s efforts to drive further value for its end customers.