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Car rental and mobility services.


As the world's leading mobility provider with annual revenues exceeding 8 billion dollars, Hertz stands proud as a car rental company, offering quality services for over 90 years. From car rentals to heavy equipment and tools for construction, Hertz provides reliable solutions and excels in claim management services for liability exposures.

The Challenge.

Fleet management adds a level of complexity to fleet operations. Fleet Telematics provides fleet managers with better control and monitoring through real-time data gathering services on vehicles. This real-time data informs the fleet manager how effective and efficient their fleets are in supporting their operations.


One of the biggest challenges, however, is the variety of vehicle makes and models. Most manufacturers don’t provide real-time information on the location or active sensors on a vehicle. For those that do, the data is provided in a way that is proprietary to the manufacturer. This is similar for operators who use 3rd party technology to manage their fleet and better understand their operations – the 3rd party provider (OEM) has its own methods for data collection and analysis and how it interacts with a vehicle.


Fleet telematics does not end with connecting to the vehicle. Once connected, the gateway must send data to a back-end provider. The back-end aggregates and analyses the data, presenting it as actionable information for fleet managers. The problem here is that it only provides raw information, usually without the context needed to make effective and efficient decisions around fleet management.



Delivered a telematics platform that put vehicle data in Hertz's operational context and consumer behaviours to optimise their fleet management. Using this system, Hertz recovered more than USD 2 million in assets over three months, while significantly increasing customer loyalty through improved customer experiences.

Spark Impact.

The platform is entirely designed in a serverless approach and utilises AWS services. The key services employed are Kinesis, Lambda, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, Sage Maker, Location Services and is secured using AWF, Key Management System, Firewall, Shield.The development process was articulated with tests first in mind, meaning the entire solution embedded behaviour end to end automated testing.

Thus, it leverages the benefits of infrastructure as code that automatically deploys the platform as a whole at each build and tests it end-to-end. Using this approach allowed for a rapid build with confidence that production deployment would fulfil the customer needs and meet the definition of ‘complete’. Using this system, our customer recovered more than USD 2 million in assets over three months, while significantly increasing customer loyalty through improved consumer experiences.

What They Say.

Spark is a company that engages with its customers and takes on the ownership of the success of all the projects, which is refreshing to see compared to their competitors in the market. Their level of technical expertise is exceptional but even more impressive is their ability to always bring it back to and demonstrate business value for stakeholders. I would highly recommend any organisation looking to go through organisational change and wants to have Data-driven decisions and ML/AI at the heart of its offering to engage Spark and the team.

Georgina O'Leary, VP of Product and Development.