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Agile Coaching, QA, Software Engineering, DevOps, Data visualisation, feature visualisation.




Angular, PrimeNG, Azure Pipelines, Jest, Cypress, Git.


Munich RE is a leading global reinsurer renowned for its commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices. With over 140 years of experience, Munich RE offers a diverse range of risk solutions to insurance companies, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Their comprehensive portfolio includes property and casualty, life and health, and specialty reinsurance products and services. Munich RE is dedicated to providing clients with top-notch risk protection and tailored solutions while actively contributing to a more sustainable future.

The Challenge.

In a highly competitive insurance industry, Munich RE recognised the need for innovation due to market transformation and evolving regulatory requirements. To proactively address these challenges, Munich RE embarked on a digital transformation journey, focusing a number of key business processes. starting with the design system phase. As an innovation enablement partner, Spark were engaged to play a pivotal role in bridging a perceived knowledge gap, identifying improvement opportunities, and defining a product vision for Munich RE’s first digital upgrade project.


In response to the competitive insurance landscape, Munich RE initiated a digital transformation with Spark as an innovation partner. Initially focusing on a Design System and Interview solution, the project expanded during discovery to address broader product needs. Spark's meticulous approach ensured successful regional adaptation and accelerated post-MVP strategies, achieving transformative milestones.

Spark Impact.

When we initially engaged with Munich RE, the project still faced internal challenges in gaining support. Understanding the internal context and the importance of project progression, we strategically ensured the project size was just right at different phases. Being too large would have hindered progress, while being too small wouldn’t have garnered sufficient attention. Therefore, we meticulously weighed each decision at every step of the project, ultimately helping the internal project team to deliver a successful outcome. One of our significant achievements was the collaborative sessions held with Munich RE teams during their internal demo event. The project’s progress, its ability to address implementation challenges, and its positive impact on Munich RE’s digital product suite made a lasting impression. As a result, our main project stakeholders were able to advance their innovative agenda ahead of schedule. The project was widely regarded as being a significant success, and it is anticipated that the output will have a substantial impact on sales and implementation performance at Munich RE, by elevating the user experience and operational efficiency for their customers.


Reduction on the use of configuration lines.


Reduction on the implementation time.


Of the post-MVP planned regional pain points solved.


Proper error handling UX.

1 Q

Ahead of schedule, achieving the required traction.

What They Say.

As we conclude this phase of our collaboration, I want to acknowledge the role Spark has played in supporting our project objectives. While this engagement may not have been without its challenges, your dedication to fulfilling the agreed-upon materials is recognised and valued and I look forward to the possibility of engaging with Spark on future projects”.

Nora Gasparik, Director of User Experience.