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Software Engineering, QA, DevOps & AWS.




.Net 6, SQL Server, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3, AWS VPC, AWS RDS, AWS CloudFront, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, Bitbucket, TypeScript, CDK, xUnit, Git.


Scope Tickets, an award-winning Irish online ticketing platform, collaborates with event organisers, promoters, venues, and more to facilitate ticket sales. Operating through desktop, mobile websites, and apps, Scope Tickets offers a seamless ticketing experience. The platform prioritises user experience and customer support, enhancing sales and productivity for event professionals and Student Union Executives. While they sell various ticket types based on Event Partners' instructions, it's crucial for customers to understand ticket details, perks, and requirements before making a purchase.

The Challenge.

The Scope Ticket Platform was not able to support hundred of thousands users at the same time during the payment process or checking the tickets before attending an event. From time to time, they were experiencing issues as the platform could not scale in line with demand and they had to deploy people to the events to check the tickets manually.


Scope Tickets, an Irish online ticketing platform, faced scalability challenges, struggling with simultaneous user loads during payment and ticket checking processes. Frequent issues arose due to scalability limitations, compelling manual ticket checks at events. The project aimed to enhance platform scalability, ensuring smooth operations even during peak demand, offering an improved user experience.

Spark Impact.

Spark has transformed an architecture that was once rigid, unstable, insecure, and unsustainable into a 100% secure and flexible system. Based on the Spark solution, it is now configured based on the platform's demands, minimising costs by using only essential resources. With development carried out in distinct phases while the platform remains in production, Scope Tickets guaranteed uninterrupted business operations.


Secure, flexible system.


Reduction in operational infrastructure cost.