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Software Engineering, QA, DevOps & AWS.




AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, AWS Amplify, AWS S3, AWS CloudWatch, AWS SSO, AWS System Manager, AWS SAM, NodeJS, React, Neo4j, Apollo Server, Hubspot, Stripe, Git, Bitbucket.


Streamline Media is the collaboration and release management platform to build your music future. Built by musicians, for musicians. Streamline manages your music from idea to release. We turn chaos into creativity.

The Challenge.

Streamline Media has a clear and compelling vision for a music platform it wants to bring to musicians around the world to help them organise and manage the creative process end to end. Streamline purchased the assets of a previous company that had certain software, resources & data components, with a view to evolving these assets in line with their more comprehensive vision for the service. In order to achieve this, a significant product rebranding and technical redesign was needed across the legacy platform’s frontend, backend and cloud infrastructure layers.


Streamline Media consisted of senior business leaders and musicians, but did not have any engineering capability on their team and so they engaged Spark to support them to accomplish this rebranding. They did not have any sort of documentation for understanding neither the data model or technical architecture they inherited with the platform, so the Spark team had to be adaptable to help the achieve their goals.


The initial project goal was to move all of the resources, data and services from the historic cloud infrastructure to newly established AWS accounts while updating significantly the front end web interface to match the new branding.



Streamline is a collaboration and release management platform for musicians to build their creative future. Built by musicians, for musicians, the Streamline platform manages its users music from idea to release. The platform was designed to turn chaos into creativity.

Spark Impact.

As a result of the work carried out by Spark, the founders of Streamline Media were able to launch a completely rebranded music service to their end users. This service has an updated and modernised interface and is built on a more secure, scalable and stable underlying cloud platform than previously, which is critical for attracting and maintaining user engagement with the platform.


As well as better supporting their customers, this also enabled Streamline Media to engage external investors with confidence as they sought their next round of funding for the continued growth of the service.

What They Say.

We are very satisfied with our choice of Spark as our technology development partner. The team is great to work with, and offer innovative approaches. They consistently deliver quality work, often ahead of schedule. We look forward to a long, productive partnership.

John Maxwell Hobbs, Founder and CEO.