Our Work.

Why Work With Us?

Elevate your projects with Spark.'s expertise. Collaborate with our diverse team for customised solutions and outstanding outcomes.


Our Value.

We’re a team of outcome-driven problem solvers and innovators who apply strategy, design and technology to help our customers leverage their data into solutions that unlock their full business potential.

When our customers work with Spark. they can expect:

  • to work with a world class team of experts, available in their time-zone, with a range of expertise including:
    • data science,
    • data & AI/ML engineering,
    • data analysis & visualisation,
    • UX and product design,
    • product management and strategy
    • solutions architecture, software engineering and QA.

  • An end-to-end connection. We have one team to guide you from initial consultation through to design and delivery of solutions, so customers are not left to pick up the pieces at the hand-off stage.


  • Flexibility in approach. We can do end-to-end but also any piece of that in isolation.

  • Transparency. We are up-front and honest with our feedback, meaning there is little room for confusion in our relationship.


  • Outcome-driven accountability. We stay equally invested in the final outcome, alongside our customers.

Our Product-Led Approach.

Spark. is a consultancy that's open and honest.

Here's how our engagement process works, what we deliver and who's responsible.

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