Some Recent Projects

We're incredibly proud of the work we do. While we can't provide the details of all our works due to non-disclosure agreements, here are just a few recent projects we think gives a taste of what we help our customers achieve.

Mobile App, Failte Ireland

Designed and Developed, The Adventure Lough Derg app, supported by Failte Ireland and the local authorities of Tipperary, Galway and Clare. A mobile app downloaded from the App Store and Google Play guides users safely along the various adventures set out on the app using mapping technology and interactive features. Each week a different adventure is launched which users must complete to be in with a chance of winning a prize. The app will record automatically that they completed the challenge and record their time. Users can upload photos and videos to the app for that adventure and share on social media using the app.


Delivered a telematics platform that put vehicle data in Hertz's operational context and consumer behaviours to optimise their fleet management. Using this system, Hertz recovered more than USD 2 million in assets over 3 months, while significantly increasing customer loyalty through improved customer experiences.

B2B Marketplace, Pulse

Supporting the design and development of several critical features of Pulse Marketplace’s digital procurement platform that transforms and simplifies the buying and selling process between vendors and purchasers.

The key to the success of this project was the Spark data roadmap and the infrastructure created so the customer can capture, analyse, and retain transaction data, creating invaluable organisational IP; of interest to users and investors alike.

Teams as a Service, a Multinational PLC

A multinational’s business strategy was to build a data science function with an immediate focus on improving their customer engagement using data modelling and prediction. Critical to their approach was time to market and the cost of recruitment.

This organisation does not have a reputation for technologists; therefore, they struggle to attract skills and talent. After a lengthy recruitment campaign, they were unsuccessful in progressing any candidates to interview.

Spark’s Teams as a Service (TaaS) provided two critical resources (Data Engineer, Data Scientist) that possessed the skills needed to address the customer's challenges. In addition, because of TaaS effectiveness, the customer had near immediate access to data cloud architecture, data analysis, and Python data engineering skills that set them on a course for success.

Realised Benefits:
  • Flexibility, significant cost-savings and ability to scale as needed.
  • Immediate and on-demand access to otherwise unavailable specialised skills.
  • Expertise skills when needed part-time, saving the cost of recruiting a team member and taking otherwise unavailable time to source and onboard.
  • In a matter of weeks, defined success for the newly formed data science function. What would otherwise have taken months through traditional approaches.
  • Set the foundation of employer branding across the customer's local tech ecosystem to directly attract talent and skills and gradually remove reliance on the Spark Team as a Service offering.

Internet of Things (IOT), Drop

Drop is an IoT connectivity kitchen platform that brings 'smart' kitchen appliances to life. Kitchens are a mix of motors, sensors and heating elements, with wildly different interfaces," said Ben Harris, CEO and co-founder at Drop. "Drop's platform brings software and hardware together harmoniously, allowing our partners to get to market faster, bypassing the cost of developing the robust infrastructure needed to deliver a UX that delights and makes perfect cooking simple.

Drop has engaged with Spark to build a Proof of Concept (POC) case study that demonstrates the benefits of re-architecting the existing platform to successfully deploy AWS services and use those services correctly and most efficiently.