Just like you, we're entrepreneurs! We get it.

We understand your challenges, your decisions, and concerns about whether what you're doing is best for your business. We get it -- and much more than others. When you engage with Spark, you leverage processes and methodologies adopted from our successes with enterprise organisations. We provide flexible solutions that work to your needs, but more importantly, we'll make sure we move you from ideation to launch without delays or hiccups - end to end - from start-up to scale up.

Looking for Investment?

Given our work with founders and start-ups, we have great relationships with angel and seed investors in Ireland and abroad and have assisted several founders with accessing the funds needed to bring their idea to a reality. Spark also favourably helps Irish native start-ups access North American markets through the Canadian Visa Startup program, led by our Canadian incubator partner.

  • Market Fit Review, Launch Strategy, & Product Roadmapping

  • Discovery & Planning Workshops

  • Prototypes & Click-through Proof-of-Concepts

  • MVP development to full product build (mobile & web apps)

  • CTO as a Service

  • Funding Strategy & Internationalisation Planning

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Here's How We Might Get Started

Phase 1, Problem Statement

Budget: On the house

Let's meet - in person or virtually - so you can benefit from an initial discovery session with one of our technology leaders to learn about your product, service, or even just your vision. We unpack the complexity of what you want to achieve, understand the work involved, and set realistic expectations. In the end, we should have a great start to defining your problem and what's needed for the next steps.

Phase 2, Problem Solve

Budget: €7,000 - €20,000 +

Understanding your idea and having defined the problem, together we delve deeper into how we solve that problem. This stage is quite interactive and engaging, and we ask A LOT of questions. For those considering funding support, this might qualify under the Local Enterprise Office, Feasibility Grant.

At the end of this phase, you have a tangible asset, a solid understanding of the problem you are solving, the opportunity you are addressing; your user needs; material for investor pitches, and a roadmap to your MVP.
  • Research - a better understanding of your users, enabling a more robust value proposition and adoption.

  • Requirements - from our findings, we help you determine how your product and service should function.

  • UI Design - a unique and slick visual design that exceeds your user needs and business goals.

  • Prototyping - a clickable prototype to test and play with, giving you a better feel for the user experience and what your product might look like.
Phase 3, Solution Build

Budget: Fully dependent on your desired outcome

As we build your product, we use Agile methodologies that focus on delivering the features that demonstrate real value first and cutting the excess. This enables us to give you the ability to see the development as we go and make changes needed during rather than after the development process.

  • Define - using visual product requirements, we create a blueprint that our engineers use to build your product. We can take your visual product requirements and create a clear technical plan of action that our engineers can use to develop your product.

  • Front-End - We use the latest emerging technology such as React Native, AR-Core, JavaScript, ReactJS to code your product's front-end infrastructure.

  • Back-End - We have skilled back-end engineers who can connect your product to API protocols and scalable instances to deploy your product worldwide.
CTO as a Service

Budget: €1,500+

Most startups don't have the in-house capability to support their product. Often and rightly so, they focus on building the business. It's a great approach, and to align with this, Spark offers a support structure that keeps costs low (cheaper than a CTO!), while giving you control. 

Some Recent Projects

Outdoor Adventure App
Mobile App Design & Development
B2B Marketplace
Web App Development
IOT Connected Appliances
Architecture (AWS) & POC

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Our team knows what it takes to build successful, scalable and secure digital products and businesses. On the one hand, we have incredible expertise in product design, discovery and strategy, to engineering, development and data, and on the other, have launched, scaled, and exited startups to venture funding and founder mentoring.